Hello! I'm a British actor, voice artist and narrator of audiobooks. Since early 2016 I've been producing audiobooks for sale on Audible, Amazon and iTunes, and love nothing more than bringing thrilling and suspenseful tales to life. 

I have a range of Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi audiobooks to fuel your 'audictions', and I really enjoy hearing from listeners and authors. See my Contact page to get in touch!

Classics Collection

I'm thrilled to announce that throughout 2021 I'll be releasing a series of classic audiobooks written by some of the most beloved authors of the English language. I'm producing these works with support from Arts Council England's DYCP Fund, and look forward to sharing them with you throughout the year!


Captivated by the allure of his own portrait, Dorian Gray gives his soul in exchange for eternal youth and beauty. His friend Lord Henry Wotton draws him into a double life of secret vice, while to the world outside he preserves his immaculate facade. As his hidden portrait becomes uglier with each new sin, Dorian begins to lose control, and his past comes around to haunt him.

8 hours 48 minutes


For every audiobook in my Classics Collection sold through the links on this page (via Awesound), I'll be donating at least 1 tree (€1 value) to Tree-Nation, who coordinate fantastic plantation projects all over the world. Scroll down for more information and to check our progress!

Sherlock Holmes takes on perhaps his most famous case in The Hound of The Baskervilles. The mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville and the legend of a spectral hound that haunts his family set the scene of this head-scratching tale. Can Holmes and Watson get to the bottom of it before yet another Baskerville meets a grizzly end? 

6 hours 28 minutes


All audiobooks in the Jake Urry Classics Collection, when purchased through the links on this page (via Awesound), contribute at least 1 tree (€1 value) to Tree-Nation plantation projects! Click here to get up-to-date progress on Tree-Nation's website.


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Small-print: because automatic tree donation isn't yet supported by my ecommerce provider, I am currently manually donating trees at the start of each calendar month. When I collect sales data at the end of each month, I will donate trees worth €1 for each seperate audiobook sold. I'm happy to provide sales volume & donation evidence if requested. Thank you!

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