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I'm always interested in hearing about new narration opportunities!

If you're an author or publisher, get in touch if you'd like to discuss producing your titles as audiobooks. You can also check out the testimonials below from authors I've had the pleasure to work with, and take a look at my profile on ACX

If you're new to audiobook production then I'd be delighted to talk you thought the benefits, the process and the options available!

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White is the Coldest Colour Audiobook

John Nicholl

Author of White is the Coldest Colour, Portraits of the Dead, Bully Boy Blue and A Mind To Kill

“Jake has narrated four of my bestselling books and really brought them to dramatic life. You really couldn’t find a better narrator. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his work.”

Transmission Audiobook

Ambrose Ibsen

Author of The Ulrich Files, Transmission, Wretchedness, and The Conqueror Worm

"There are few in the audio business with as rich and distinct a voice as Jake Urry. A talented narrator with a great knack for drama and a mastery of many accents, he brings to his performances a depth of feeling that will linger in the listener's ear long after the final chapter.


If there is anything I have enjoyed more than hearing him bring several of my stories to life, it is working with him. He is as kind, prompt and professional as he is talented. Should you find yourself presented with the privileged opportunity to work with Jake, I suggest you take it. I certainly hope to keep working with him well into the future!"

The Cryptic Lines Audiobook

Richard Storry

Author of The Cryptic Lines, The Black Talisman, and the Ruritanian Rogues Saga

"It has been a complete delight hearing how Jake has brought my novels to life. His characterisations are always well conceived and absorbing. Well paced and expressive, his performances hold the attention throughout.”

The Tesla Gate Audiobook

John D. Mimms

Author of The Tesla Gate Trilogy

“I have listened to thousands of audio books through the years, and rarely have I heard such a versatile talent as Jake Urry. He was a pleasure to work with on my audio book for The Tesla Gate. Jake is a British narrator, but he perfected several different American accents, especially Southern. He went over and above to make sure the audio book was edited thoroughly. For authors looking for a narrator, I would highly recommend him. For anyone searching for an audio book to listen to, pick one narrated by Jake Urry. You won’t be disappointed.”

Greatshadow Audiobook

James Maxey

Author of The Dragon Apocalypse Series

“Jake's performance on Greatshadow and Hush elevated both novels, bringing an added depth to the narration far surpassing the novel as I heard it in my own head. He shifts between action, dialogue, drama and comedy without missing a beat, and masterfully handled challenging voices like ogres, dragons, and a golem with a paper tongue. I couldn't be more delighted.”

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